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The hunt for authentic needles for this project led me to the internet where a vast array of handmade needles made from wood and bone can be purchased. However, do be warned that the needle you buy from a photo may not be the needle that arrives.

Needle size and shape influence the 'tension' of the fabric created. The wider the needle, the bigger the stitches. It is advisable to experiment with sample swatches until the desired size fabric is created.

Yarn texture and size is also a factor in 'tension'. The thicker the yarn the thicker the fabric. For experimental purposes I would recommend using acrylic factory made yarn. The reason for this is that the texture of the yarn is consistent and strong. Hand-spun wool  can occasionally have lumps and weak sections which need to be cut out of the yarn as it is worked. 'Hairy' woolen yarn tends to stick to itself and makes knots hard to undo.

The fabric created by this method is very hard to undo once done. If a mistake is noticed after several rows, the only solution is to cut the work back to the site of the error and start again.